29 Marzo 2023

Small splits suede,printed,designer

PROCESSING: Chrome tanning, barrel dyeing in compliance with current regulations on environmental impact
SURFACE: leather with different types of printing, color and finishing, therefore different types of surface
FINISH: Of different types, always in compliance with current regulations
APPEARANCE: Pleasant, youthful, bright, summery, creative, modern
CONSIDERATIONS: Small leather (under 0.35 m2) good quality, moderate cutability and excellent finish. Sold in packs of 10 mixed skins, colors and "surprise" items, cutability is guaranteed. Like all stocks, long-term availability is not guaranteed.
ADVICE FOR USE: The leather is suitable for "promotional" items by virtue of its "summer" and modern colors, excellent for the production of personal objects of one's own creativity.
DIMENSIONS: (about 0.35 square meters)
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