29 Maggio 2023

Goat skins mix colors

PROCESSING: Chrome tanned leather following the strictest environmental regulations in force
SURFACE: smooth and printed leather as it is stock leather
FINISHING: Various types always following the strictest environmental regulations in force.
APPEARANCE: Glossy, semi-gloss, opaque always because they are stock leathers
THICKNESS: From a minimum of 0.7 mm
CONSIDERATIONS: Stock at the end of the production season, both summer and winter colours, the photos with the respective colours/items are for illustrative purposes only. They are sold in packs of 5 or 10 skins each in mixed colours. Quality is guaranteed.
RECOMMENDATIONS FOR USE: Leather to be used for various HOBBIES such as the construction of wallets or small leather goods (clutch bags), footwear for both men (walking/lining) and women (walking/lining), promotional items and various handicrafts.
DIMENSIONS: about 0.50 m2 per skin
€ 50,00
Tax inc.
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